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Art + Technology: Arkansas' Creative Economy, final report

From its people, land, waterways, and open skies, Arkansas is a state endowed with an abundance of natural gifts, talents, and possibilities in all seventy-five counties. With an unwavering belief that neither geography, luck, legacy, nor lack of investment should determine quality of life for any Arkansan, a bipartisan group of legislators came together to explore how our deeply held belief can be turned into reality. We were clear we would take on the work of debunking the myth of “There’s just nothing there.” But how? Answer: Through the creative economy.

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Boot Camp Recaps

Arts & Wellness

The "Arts, Health, and Wellness" Bootcamp was held virtually on May 13, 2022. This conversation about the value of utilizing the arts to improve health and wellness was moderated by Dr. Brookshield Laurent, New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) - College of Osteopathic Medicine. Watch the video or view the presentation. 

Texarkana Boot Camp

On May 4, our Boot Camp was held in Texarkana. Watch this Boot Camp, view the presentations, or see the research handout!

Hot Springs Boot Camp

Our Hot Springs Arts and Technology Boot Camp was held on March 29. Watch the Boot Camp or view the presentation

Creative Connections

A variety of industries and occupations contribute to the state’s creative economy, as illustrated by this diagram:

A Venn Diagram detailing the subsets of the Creative Economy, which include Technology, Consumer Product, Lifestyle/Wellness/Spiritualism, Tourism, and Agriculture and Business

Our research is industry-specific with the most current data available. Reports can be created by state, county, legislative district, occupation, multi-year trends, sales, earnings and median/average hourly wage per occupation.

The creative economy will thrive at the intersection of art and technology. The Legislative Art and Technology Boot Camp, created by Act 577, is an exploration of who is currently working in the disciplines of art and technology, it is a dream for the future, and a road map for how to get there.

The Arkansas Legislative Art & Technology Boot Camp team and Arkansans for the Arts are partnering on this endeavor. This short survey will connect you with the project:

Creative Economy Research Funded by Arkansans for the Arts & CACHE

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