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Seeking Art & Technology Connections Throughout Arkansas: Act 577 Announcements and Survey Release

The creative economy will thrive at the intersection of art and technology. The Legislative Art and Technology Boot Camp, created by Act 577, is an exploration of who is currently working in the disciplines of art and technology, it is a dream for the future, and a road map for how to get there. 

This short survey will connect you with the project:

The survey is the first step in locating the people and organizations in the arts, technology, and intersections in those fields. The definition of Arts and Technology is broad: for example, creativity-reliant industries from culinary arts to welders might be included if participants use their creativity to develop a product. Technology will range from retail websites and digital communications to coding, gaming, 3D modeling, and beyond. 

The Arkansas Legislative Art & Technology Boot Camp team and Arkansans for the Arts are partnering on this endeavor. If you, or someone you know, is working in art and technology or a creativity-reliant field, please share this survey link:

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