Message from the Writer

My name is Haley Schichtl, and I am the communication intern for Arkansans for the Arts. In the fall, I will be a senior at UCA, and I major in online journalism and minor in art history. I have always enjoyed art and writing, but did not learn how to put the two together until I took art history courses in college. I enjoy news reporting, but my hopes are to one day work for an art magazine, as I have always seen myself being involved in the arts in some way.
Many of my friends are artists, but I have found myself to be too impatient to be an artist. A friend of mine started working for UCA's yearbook, The Scroll, and encouraged me to join staff. So I did, and quickly became very involved. It was a step away from my news reporting classes towards the more creative side of things; I was able to write about and photograph whatever school events I wanted, and to share my creative ideas. Next semester, I will be working as the editor for The Scroll's website.
To me, art advocacy is important because a lot of people don't realize that art is everywhere. When there is no art in a town, people don't want to live there. When a doctor's office has no art on the walls, people feel less comfortable. Being able to express oneself with a t-shirt, poster, or even furniture, all is possible because of artists. The fact that art is never mentioned in our state's politics means we need more advocacy. If we want our local artists to stay in the state in order to make a living, we need more advocacy.

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